Wednesday 110601

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AMRAP in 2 minutes of:
4 Chest to Bar Pull ups
DB Alternating Single Arm Push Press, 6 reps
Walking Lunges, 8 steps

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 7 cycles.

For the alternating single arm push press, you get one dumbbell (rx'd is 50#/35#) and you alternate arms push pressing for a total of 6 reps.

Post total rounds completed for each of the 7 cycles to comments/Logwod.

Two huge reasons why we're going back to California. Shelley really came through with her performances on the dead-lift/box jump workout and that last chipper. In addition to that, Dustin was amazing to watch as he utterly dominated that last workout in the anchor position. He also busted out 35 handstand push ups in a row during workout #1.

Thanks guys for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

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15 Responses to "Wednesday 110601"

  1. Addi Says:
  2. That last workout was unbelievable to watch. Jon, Shelley, Reba, and Dustin just manhandled that thing start to finish. The field didn't stand a chance.
  3. BC Says:
  4. Tovar is so bad ass that even Chuck Norris is afraid to give him crap for having a tramp stamp.
  5. Erica Says:
  6. So I put the wrong total on the board for todays workout. I'm pretty sure I got 18 total rounds... used 30# db and did kipping pull-ups. I think the hardest part about the workout is transferring the db each rep!! That and trying to put on make-up afterwards, haha :)

    Good times working out with 6am peeps!!
  7. Mark Says:
  8. 18.5 rounds Rx'd for me today. I went with 2.5 rounds per cycle for the first 5 and decided to do 3 for the last two cycles. I should have probably tried for 3 rounds each cycle. Next time for sure.

    Good to be back after taking about 5 days off. Once again a huge 6AM class, we were almost out of pull-up bar space.
  9. Jess Says:
  10. 11.5 rounds doing kipping pullups and 30# db

    Great job 6am

  11. Eric C Says:
  12. Tovar is Chuck Norris bad-ass. In fact, he is so bad-ass that he will never have a heart attack. His heart isn't nearly foolish enough to attack him.

    20 rounds rx'd. Not nearly as tough as yesterday I thought.
  13. Tovar Says:
  14. BC and Eric, you guys are too funny! Who's this Chuck Norris guy anyway?

    In all honesty that last workout was probably the funnest team WOD I have ever been a part of! But it wouldn't have mattered how the anchor position performed without a quick start from Jon and a solid performance from both Shelley and Reba in the middle. Everyone on Team CFO definitely pulled their weight this weekend and stepped up their game. Making it back to California was a total team effort!

    Our individual women competitors were spectacular and made us proud as well. Even our little cheering section was Bad A$$! Thanks to the spouses and CFO peeps that made the trip out.

    Congrats again to Stacie, Libby, Kat, Ricky, Jon, Addi, Shelley, and Reba on an awesome weekend! Oh and Van Beek I'm sure you'll read this, so congrats to you too! :)
  15. Joe H Says:
  16. no doubt on the badassness of all the competitors. Dustin is so bad ass that they named a street after him. But they had to change the name because no one would cross it. Seriously, I attended quite a bit of the games and have to say that I have a new appreciation for CFO. From what I saw there we are so lucky. When you have buy in from the coaches because they actully do the workouts and technique is not an option but a standard. We need to be really thankful that we get so much technique training from people who actually know what they are doing. Thanks guys for putting on a show and destroying workouts. P.S. Staci destroyed "Amanda" so bad that they changed the name to Staci out of respect. Soon, they will have to name all workouts Staci 1, 2, 3, etc.. Great job Staci.
  17. ZachR Says:
  18. 17 rounds rx'd

    2.5 rounds per cycle except for cycle 6 where I stopped after 2 rounds.
  19. Shelley Says:
  20. All I can say that I haven't already said is: We did it as a TEAM!! It was amazing to be a part of it, and I so enjoyed watching the performances of everyone this past weekend. My favorite was team Amanda. This was partly due to the fact that going in to the last day, the rankings were tight and Ricky and Addi were so fun to watch dominate this one!!!

    As for the last workout, Jon Day was so fast (I got no rest) and Reba and Dustin are awesome!!

    I love Joe's advice to me:
    "Use those big legs and long body of yours". Then he turns around and asks me if I'm
  21. Donohoe Says:
  22. First off Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend you are all soldiers in my book
    I am so happy you all preformed so well. You are all examples to me of what I can push myself to do. I am looking forward to making the trip to see you all in Cali, that being said is anyone else interested in going. I would like a little feed back on what it was like last year.
    Oh yeah I did 14 rounds rx’d not bad for a the day after a 3 day bender in vegasss.
    Donohoe is out….
    PS I think everyone should file thier calcuses for this one OUCH!
  23. Donohoe Says:
  24. I ment to say calluses dam small keyboard and large fingers....
  25. paul Says:
  26. 17 rx'ed. i just didn't have time to get more than 2.5 rds in 2 min. i did have time to rip my palm open in rd 5, though. fun. i was too winded to scream profanities, though.

    i liked this one a lot.
  27. Kelli Says:
  28. Awesome job CFO! I loved watching the updates (good job Josh!) and cheering you on from my computer. Can't wait to watch the live stream in Cali!

    Loved today's workout. Felt pretty consistent throughout which is a hard thing for me...usually I poop out towards the end. I kept it consistent two rounds finishing with roughly 20 secs to go in the cycle each time. Total 14 rounds. Used 25# dbs and kipping pullups. I need to work on chest to bar but it always feels like I don't have the flexibility to get my chest to touch...I'm up there...just can't touch.
  29. BC Says:
  30. 14 rounds rx'd.

    The dinosaurs gave Tovar a dirty look once. ONCE.

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