Monday 110411

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2010 North Central Regional Triplet (Running)
3 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
12 Overhead Squats, 115#/77#
50 Double Unders

15 minute cut-off.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 100503.

From front to back: Jon Day and....... the one and only ZackJ

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18 Responses to "Monday 110411"

  1. Jeff Says:
  2. Jon Day...and Zack Johnson (in the back)
  3. paul Says:
  4. 11:35 rx'ed. Very happy with this. I had two goals today: sub-12 and unbroken OHS. got both!

    Nice work, 6am! OHS are never easy!
  5. hannah eileen Says:
  6. 14:19 with 63#. I did 15 OHS in the first two rounds, which I realized during the 3rd run. Shoot.

    Thanks for offering the wake up call, BC. I might need to take you up on that come Wednesday.
  7. GregP Says:
  8. 14:03 @65#. I did not go heavier because I redid the games WOD yesterday. I did all the OH squats unbroken and my shoulders are feeling good, so I am pleased.

    Thanks Dustin for counting and helping me with the games WOD yesterday day. I got 14 rounds the second time.

    Full house at 6AM ! Great to see so many people up and at it early in the morning.
  9. BC Says:
  10. 14:05 w/ 88# (reps rx'd).

    Broke up the OHS 9-3. Probably should've fought a little harder to do them unbroken but I'll take it, esp considering I can't remember the last time I did OHS.

    Great job morning monsters, and welcome to Matt!
  11. Donohoe Says:
  12. get job this one was a tough one
    12.40 rx. The run was a challenge and the OH squats not bad, the d unders were good. Man I gotta get better at running.
    Donohoe is waking very slowly out...
  13. Jess Says:
  14. 13:13 option C (200m run, 12 OH squats and 30 DUs) used 53# for OH squats

    Nice job 6am!

  15. Mark Says:
  16. 12:08 Rx'd. I tired to keep up with Paul but man can he run. I did all OHS unbroken and I only missed a couple DUs on the first two rounds. The last round of DUs I missed probably 10 times.

    Huge 6AM class today!!
  17. paul Says:
  18. My only chance to catch you was on the run, Mark--rds 1 and 2 when I came out the door i saw you at the end of the driveway already!
  19. Paula Says:
  20. 14:26- Option C- 53# OHS....just realized that the wod was 12 OHS. I did 15 reps for all 3 rds!!! Hannah, I glad you realized before your last round. What the heck was I smoking this morning???

    Great work 5am'ers! It was a rough one! My shoulders were aching most of the day....much better now!
  21. Joe Jessen Says:
  22. The board said 15 reps for OHS at 5 am.
  23. Paula Says:
  24. Joe....thank you!!! I thought I was losing it!!
  25. Allison H :) Says:
  26. rough schedule at work - gunna be making this up thursday i guess.
  27. VanBeek Performance Says:
  28. Off Day...

    Weakness Work
    - Muscle Ups - 10 Mins - 6X3, 4X2
    - No False Grip...
    - Feels Way Smoother and No Misses...

    K2E and Reverse Hypers.. Back is acting up a little.. 3X15
  29. JonD Says:
  30. Hey everyone we are going to be putting on another sectional workout tomorrow night at 8pm. If you can come and workout please do, if you want to come and watch or help judge or just yell at people please do as well. It was blast last time and hopefully it will be the same this time. Maybe Bigger? See everyone tomorrow night
  31. ZachR Says:
  32. 10:40

    I scaled the OHS to 88# as my knee was still pretty sore after 7 softball games on Saturday.
  33. Laura Says:
  34. 14:39 Reps rx'd but scaled to 53# for OHS
  35. Kat Says:
  36. 12:50 rx'd. Didn't break up oh squats the 1st and 3rd rnd.

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