Tuesday 101019

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Press 5-5-5 reps

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Anyone who says that full squats are "bad for the knees" has, with that statement, demonstrated conclusively that they are not entitled to an opinion about the matter.

People who know nothing about a topic, especially a very technical one that requires specific training, knowledge, and experience, are not due an opinion about that topic and are better served by being quiet when it is asked about or discussed. For example, when brain surgery, or string theory, or the NFL draft, or woman's dress sizes, or white wine is being discussed, I remain quiet, odd though that may seem. But seldom is this the case when orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, or nurses are asked about full squats. - Coach Rippetoe

Wit and Wisdom of Mark Rippetoe

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6 Responses to "Tuesday 101019"

  1. Addi Says:
  2. I have several favorites, very few of which are appropriate to repeat in mixed company. But if I have to pick one, it's this:

    "Newb: Got any good ab exercises?

    Rip: Got any better questions? "

    But, of course, there's always the classic,

    "If you insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your purse."

    You know who you are.
  3. BigD Says:
  4. I like this one mainly because I'm usually the one at fault...
    "You must wear socks or workout pants on the Dead Lifts. We don't want your DNA on the barbell."
  5. kahrs Says:
  6. Send good vibes Steve Filips way currently he is on the top of Mt. Whitney with two others waiting for weather to clear to get evacuated via helicopter, no injuries that I know of.
  7. Justin Says:
  8. Messed Around With Some Snatch Technical Work with the Bar

    Press - 3X5
    95#, 135#, 156# (4)... Just Missed Getting 5... But only hit 3 with this weight last time so it's improvement

    Front Squat 4X3 (Tried for a new rep max... Needed 256 for 3 to move my 1RM up)
    165, 209, 243, 258X3... Should Have Seen if I could get 4... Felt Solid

    KB Swing Speed... 59# 3X21 Unbroken reps with 60-75 secs between
    1- 41 secs, 2-38 secs, 3- 37 secs

    Metcon.... Felt inspired by Barbara so threw together a variation of her..

    5 HSPU
    10 L Hold Pull Ups (Had to do a "Z hold" instead)
    20 Alternating Pistol Squats
    30 AbMat Sit Ups
    * Rest 3 mins between RDS *
    1- 3:01 (Legs were still out of it from swings cause I started RD 1 right after the swings)
    2- 2:47 .... Thats better
    3- 2:28 .... This should have been RD 1 Time
  9. Paula Says:
  10. My prayers go out to Steve and crew!!! Josh...let us know if you hear anything. Thanks!

    88#x5 this am.

    Great job 5am'ers!!!!!
  11. Mark Says:
  12. Just wanted to let you know that the 6:30 class tonight with Joe and Jon got pretty weird...

    I did 132 x 5, 142 x 5 and 154 x 4...

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