Saturday 101016

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Fun w/ Tires

Post experience to comments.

Handstands near the ocean.

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  1. VanBeek Performance Says:
  2. Make up workout from yesterday...

    Push Press - 1RM - Been a while since I've tried a max on this one so wasnt sure what to expect
    110, 154 - doubles
    198, 219, 229, 239 (Missed), 234.. Had it three inches from lockout but missed it >(... I've done over 250 before so disappointing

    Hang Clean Work (1st Pos, Mid Thigh, Knee)
    110, 130, 155, 199

    Back Squat - Looking to bump up my 1RM by using my 3RM
    - My Max is 315 so if I hit 93% or more for 3 my max will move up to 321
    65% - 185, 75% - 255, 85% - 270 and 94% - 296 actually tried a 4th rep and hit it!... Max up to 330#

    2 Rope Climbs- Arms only for as long as possible

    Max Rep Dips... Just to see where I'm at... No kipping allowed
    - Hit 8,8,7... Didnt realize my dips were that big of a weakness

    Hollow Rock Holds... Think I'll hit these at least 3 times a week to help improve my hspus, push ups, etc
    ** Just 3 Times through **

    Tabata treadmill runs... Went off the protocol laid out on Crossfit Endurance... 12% grade but decided to build up my speed every tabata interval... 10 RDS
    Started at 5.5 and ended at 9.5 on the last RD...
  3. Nick Says:
  4. Well we are now at halftime...looks like Nebraska is suckin!! Go hawkeyes!

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