Wednesday 100414

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Rest Day

Jen Thomas (Dustin Tovar)

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  1. Gdawg Says:
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  3. Mel C Says:
  5. BigD Says:
  6. Did 1RM on snatch today. 147#.
    Great coaching by Ricky + mostly paleo diet = 12# PR jump.
    Awesome job today Linds!
  7. Kat Says:
  8. 7:10am

    328#x 3 for DL. Really wanted 5 reps but for the life of me I could not pick that bar up! NEXT TIME IT'S ON!

    metcon: 7:04. Cleans felt so much better today than last week!
  9. Mike Says:
  10. day 3 for me, got mixed up this weekend and trying to catch back up

    metcon @ 5:05
  11. Mark Says:
  12. Did yesterday's leg destroyer. Took me 20 jumps (I think) to get 50 yards and I made it through the last round of squat cleans when 25 minutes was called. Horrible, horrible WOD.
  13. BC Says:
  14. I played with the big kids today (Addi) and did the CFFB wod. Knee-high DL's, 5 @ 352#. 8:25 for the metcon using 132# for the cleans. Nice working with you AK-47, as always, and thanks for the encouragement at the end...and not putting your equipment away ;).
  15. Eric C Says:
  16. Nice technical work today with the snatch. 5lb PR at 149#. I realized that the snatch is like shooting a 3 pointer in basketball. If you can consistently Get under the bar and land it in the correct position, it's not that hard. But you have to practice hitting that 'catch' over and over and over.

    Nice work Greg, Jess and Laura on making up yesterdays buttbreaker WOD. I did not envy you.
  17. Donohoe Says:
  18. well hello everyone, I did yesterday's little bundle of fun,
    I finished in 21.40 it was a real challenge. However I gotta take my hat off to pete N. He got after it today after a rough nigh what a freckn solider.
    I think the the worst part were the squat cleans was like I was in slow motion. Everyone else did a great job today on snatch I was jealous I didnt do that work out...
    Donohoe out.
    PS very slowly and gingerly
  19. Danielle Baker Says:
  20. i did filthy 50!DNF, not sure on time, it might have been under 30, but not under 25. Was still on wall balls when 25 min was called. I really just wanted to finish, even it was 2 hours :) Good times, last time I did this I got done with some of the burpees before the 25 mins.
  21. Addi Says:
  22. CFFB @ 4:30

    knee-height DL - 328x5 Tried 238 and got it up one and a half times, but didn't like what my back was doing.

    metcon - 6:27 with 110#... my legs were still destroyed from Monday, and those "sprints" were pathetic

    Filthy Fifty @ 7:30 - 26:09
    had to scale most of the wall balls to push ball - my right knee was not cooperating with squats, and I didn't want to trash it. Not sure that affected my time all that much - easier on the legs, but couldn't get in a rhythm like I can with wall ball.

    Thanks for playing, BChrist. That would have been no fun by myself. And thanks for showing up MacDaddy! (and Crystal and Jen T.. :) ) It was almost a very lonely day.
  23. Kat Says:
  24. I did the filthy 50

    I didn't finish in the 25 min time cut. I was at 38 burpees when time was called. I completed the burpees about 3 minutes later...i layed on the floor for a min before I attempted to finish! I will complete this wod 1 day in under 25 minutes!

    I felt very confident in this workout until wall balls(like Ricky said, the last 3 exercises make it or break it!) My back was killing me from the back extensions so wall balls went slow! too slow!
    Great job everyone!

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